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Acupuncture in Severna Park, MD

Lydia Wainwright treats people too. In fact,  half of her practice is of the two-legged variety. Her offices are on the Eastern Shore in Denton, MD  and off Route 2  in Severna Park, MD. For your convenience, we have evening and weekend hours.

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Benefits for People

What is acupuncture good for?   

So much more then more people imagine! Fortunately, many of the issues that Traditional Western Medicine is unable to help with are the very things that acupuncture treatment does best. This makes the two very complimentary.
Lydia specializes in pain and chronic illness.  The following are issues that Lydia has personally helped people with in her practice: 


Whether your pain is in just one part of your body or many, there is a good chance acupuncture can help to relieve it. Lydia has seen patients for everything from foot pain to neck pain. Back pain to hand pain. Shoulder pain to knee pain. Most can have some sort of relief. Some peoples' pain goes away completely. Whether or not yours will depends very much on where it is, how it got there, and how long you have had it. Also, any lifestyle changes you are willing to make can make a huge difference for bringing pain down for good. 


From osteoarthritis (from wear and tare) to rheumatoid (auto-immune) acupuncture can help bring relief of pain, fatigue, and stiffness associated with many types of arthritis. Unfortunately, there is no cure in any modality. But that doesn't mean you have to be in pain.  ​  


There are many conditions that bring on headaches as well as types of headaches themselves. Headaches can be brought on by tension, migraines, allergies, general stuffiness, and other issues. Regardless, acupuncturists have a very different way of diagnosing and treating. Five people may all come in with the western diagnosis of "migraines" and be treated in 3 or more different ways! Though there are no guarantees, some people stop experiencing headaches all together.


Acupuncture does NOT treat cancer. However, acupuncture can be very helpful in supporting a person through radiation and chemotherapy including helping with the side effects of treatment. This can include fatigue, pain, sleep issues, "burning," neuropathy, etc. The side effects a person has depends very much on the type of chemo and/or radiation they are treated with. However, your best chance of keeping the side effects down is to start acupuncture just before (preferably) or just after starting treatment. Even when well into treatment acupuncture can help, but you are to see the best results through prevention of the potential side effects coming up.

Depression and/or Anxiety

Just like headaches above, acupuncturists see depression and anxiety very differently than in Western Medicine. There are many different types which are all treated differently. And unlike other modalities, acupuncture looks at the whole person and how other parts of your life may be related to the issues you have. Acupuncture works better on some times of acupuncture/anxiety than others. Sometimes herbs must be added to see full results. A session or two should  be enough to learn what you need personally to be helped best. 

Women's Health Issues

Menstrual issues can cause a woman's life to completely stop for 3-6 days out of every month. Acupuncture can help. Whether its cramps, heavy flow, irritability, soreness, fibroids, or more we can help to reduce or even completely remove most or all of your issues.  And if you are past having periods and are now into menopause acupuncture can help with hot flashes, sweats, irritability, sleeplessness and many of the other issues that comes with getting older. (And wiser!)Many acupuncturists help women become pregnant. So long as you go to a specialist and follow all the directions given, many women can get pregnant within 3-5 months! Lydia does not specialize in this but we can refer you to someone in your area who does.  

Digestive Issues

There are so many issues that fit into this category. "GERD," Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Chrone's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, gass, bloating, constipation, etc. Depending on what you have, how you got it, and how long you have had it, acupuncture can help a lot with symptoms. Many of these are complex issues so a consult would be best to learn how much you may be helped with what is going on with you personally.  


Are you lost? Maybe life hasn't turned out the way you thought it would. Or you are feeling stuck either in your career, in your lack of relationships, or something else? Perhaps you are figuring out what the best path is for your future career and education. Acupuncture works surprisingly well to help you learn more about who you are. Become more in touch with what is in your heart and the path you are meant to be following. (Your Tao as we acupuncturists like to call it.) Everyone has one. Do you know yours? 

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