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What are the Benefits for Horses?


Lydia's special blend of body release work with acupuncture is very effective for many ailments.  

​The following is a short list of issues acupuncture can help address:

* Keeping your horse at the highest level of performance

* grumpiness while being groomed and/or saddled

* bucking and rearing issues.

* back pain

* unexplained or undiagnosable lameness

* arthritis

* chronic colic

* noticeable stiffness on one side of the body

* chronic hind end issues including hocks and stifles

* an abscess that won’t "pop"

* recovery from an illness

* fear aggression

* inability to adjust to changes in the environment

* laminitis or founder

* navicular

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Do Horses Like it?


Horses usually love to be treated with acupuncture. They relax right into their treatments. Sometimes they will look behind them as if to say, "Hey! Who is back there doing stuff to me?" 

Other signs that the treatment is working include yawning, droopy eyes, lowering of the head and neck, chewing, a change in breathing, and a droopy lower lip. When horses are finished with treatment they usually perk up and become more aware and interested in their surroundings.

Although acupuncture by itself can be a huge help for horses, they often need structural work as well. Lydia uses the most gentle yet effective bodywork possible in order to get the fastest results. Most people are quite surprised to discover how much pain and discomfort their horse has been feeling. And how much happier and better their horses go when it's all corrected!

Horses know their bodies better than any other animal, including humans. Very quickly they figure out what Lydia is doing with them and will "help" her along through their body language and by leaning more into the release work as it progresses​.


Many horses are ridden year round, regardless of the weather.

Most horse owners don’t just have"pets" but have a partner in performance. This means that soundness is imperative. Whereas a dog may have a bit of stiffness and weakness and still be okay, your horse needs to be as solid as possible. Acupuncture can help you get back to where you were AND help to keep you there.



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