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The Canine Acupuncture Experience

Kelsey found his treatments very relaxing. Do you see the needle in his head?

Many new clients are concerned about the experience their dog with have. Will it hurt? Is it scary and terrible?

It turns out that most dogs love acupuncture! It can take a treatment or two for them to understand the process but after that they often plop down, ready to get started.

Signs that the treatment is working include a change in breathing, yawning, panting, licking, and generally resting. When done they tend to "wake up" and show an interest in their surroundings again. Sometimes they shake as if removing water from their coats.

Sometimes dogs who are normally shy will walk right up to the acupuncturist as if they know they are going to get the help they need. Clients have reported their dogs "knowing" when it was time for acupuncture and be waiting for their acupuncturist at the front door!

Benefits For Dogs

"Honey" sometimes refused to get up when her acupuncture session was over.

Acupuncture can be very successful in treating most chronic conditions.

The most common conditions for which we at Acu Animal see dogs are:

* arthritis
* hip dysplasia

* ongoing limping/lameness

* digestive upset, chronic vomiting, appetite issues

* seizures

* tendon/ligament issues

* back pain

* allergies including scratching, chewing on paws, "hot spots" and raw spots

* loss of control of bowels and/or bladder

* recovery from an accident

* bitches not producing milk or recovering from a hard birth

Acupuncture can help dogs at an emotional level too:

​* fear 

* aggression/fear aggression

* recovery from past abandonment and/or abuse

* inability to adjust to a change in the environment

Please call  or text 443-474-3631 if you have questions about whether acupuncture will be able to help your dog.



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